Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Premises liability is one of the oldest, broadest, and easiest-to-understand areas of personal injury law. Defined in the simplest terms, premises liability is the principle that property owners have legally enforceable duties to protect the health and lives of people who enter or interact with their property. When property owners negligently fail to meet those duties, people who suffered harm have the right to demand compensation.

The concepts underlying current premises liability law go back to the very beginning of written judicial codes. Despite this, actually holding a property owner accountable for allowing an injury or death to occur is often difficult. Showing that a property owner acted negligently can be tough, and property owners who face an insurance claim or civil lawsuit usually do everything the law allows to place blame on the injured or deceased individual.

At Agee Clymer, our Columbus-based premises liability lawyers work for injury victims and for families who have lost loved ones. Decades of experience helping clients all across Ohio have given us the knowledge and resources needed to take on property owners who do not secure and control their property.

More Than Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are far from the only preventable accidents that provide grounds for filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. Other types of premises liability cases include

* Trips on stairs or loose floor coverings,
* Falls from balconies or windows,
* Falling objects such as boxes or tree limbs,
* Electric shocks and electrocutions,
* Drownings and near-drownings in backyard pools, and
* ATV crashes.

In any such instance, a property owner can have liability for failing to comply with building codes, neglecting to make repairs, or failing to provide adequate supervision. But, as already noted, a property owner can defend themselves by arguing that the person who suffered injuries or died ignored signs of danger, trespassed, or intentionally misused a device.

Our job as premises liability injury lawyers in Columbus is to thoroughly investigate what led to our client’s accident and then use the findings to disprove the property owner’s assertions. We cannot guarantee a successful outcome for every client, but we do commit to building the strongest case for each person we represent.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Ohio law classifies pets and livestock as property. One implication of this is that dog bite cases fall into the category of premises liability.

Owners who do not control their animals can be made to pay medical bills and provide compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering when the animal attacks someone. Such claims are usually handled through a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. We explain more about dog bite cases here.

You can speak with a premises liability lawyer by calling Agee Clymer’s Columbus, Ohio, office at (614) 221-3318. We offer free consultations, and we also take appointments online.

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