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All too often, the system fails an already-suffering person and struggling family. This is when the attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman step up. Are you facing a unique legal situation? We are here for you.

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Our lawyers are ready to take on employers, health care corporations, insurers, drivers, government agencies, and retirement plans to hold them to their legal obligations. Injured workers, patients harmed by medical malpractice, car crash victims, wrongfully terminated employees, and participants in plans like the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System or Social Security have every right to expect financial compensation or benefits.

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Pursuing a lawsuit or disability application alone can be very scary. You are in unfamiliar territory, and you have likely found yourself in a deluge of paperwork, legal jargon, and medical terminology. You’ve probably never done this before, but on the other side is a corporation or a government agency that does this every day. Furthermore, they probably have an attorney fighting for them – and against you. Sometimes it can seem like the deck is stacked against you.

We take pride in our ability to even the odds. We do this every day, and we’re good at it. Hiring an experienced, skilled attorney ensures that when you go into a hearing or trial, you do so with the best preparation, organization, and legal argument possible. Additionally, you will know that all deadlines are met and all paperwork has been submitted, taking the burden off you.

Whether you have come to us for workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, personal injury, OPERS disability retirement, wrongful termination, harassment, or something else, you can be sure you have someone in your corner every step of the way.