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Workers’ Compensation and Construction Subcontractors

Any worker who suffers an injury in a construction site accident in Ohio should have access to workers’ compensation benefits. State law requires even small companies to carry workers’ comp insurance, and independent contractors who work for themselves have the option to purchase coverage for work-related injuries.

You Should Always Be Able to Apply for Workers’ Comp

The workers’ compensation coverage may come from the policy held by the prime contractor, which will mean extra paperwork and possible delays – but the coverage will be available. The answer to the basic question of whether the ability to apply for workers’ comp benefits exists should always be yes.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured From a Work-Related Accident at a Construction Site?

To access workers’ compensation coverage you should:

  • Seek medical care,
  • Document medical care (keep all medical documents and documents related to the injury)
  • File a report with your employer
  • Submitting an application to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

What Happens If My Workers' Compensation Application Is Denied?

Applications for workers’ comp benefits do not get approved automatically. In fact, a sizable percentage of initial applications are rejected.

Reasons for denying benefits range from missing the one-year deadline to submit a claim and incomplete documentation to a determination that the injury was not serious or work-related.

How Can A Workers' Comp Attorney Help With My Construction Site Injury?

At Agee Clymer, we devote much of our practice to preparing and carrying through appeals on behalf of clients who were unjustly denied workers’ comp benefits.

State law permits several rounds of appeals and guarantees a worker’s right to sue if other formal appeals do not result in the award of benefits.

Are there other options for me in addition to workers' compensation?


Construction site accidents often result from vehicle crashes, defective tools and equipment, and avoidable errors by other contractors. When negligence by a person or company other than your own employer causes serious injuries, a subcontractor can have grounds for filing what is called a “third-party lawsuit.” This is essentially a personal injury lawsuit you can bring.