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Experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

A motorcycle crash is an incredibly volatile event – and the fallout can be even more complex and difficult to navigate. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, please call one of our expert motorcycle injury lawyers for a free consultation.

Our Focus Is On You & Your Injuries – No Matter How Severe

Motorcycle riders have very little protection from disabling and fatal injuries. A helmet and heavy clothing cannot replace the side panels, crumple zones, and airbags present cars and trucks. A “good” accident for a motorcycle rider leaves the motorcyclist with serious bruises and lacerations. Broken bones are almost unavoidable for a person knocked off of or ejected from a motorcycle.

Traumatic brain injuries coupled with skull fractures and major facial injuries are common. And, sadly, death often results when a car or truck crashes into a motorcycle.

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You With This Process

Seeking advice and representation from a motorcycle accident lawyer will help a seriously injured motorcyclist deal with insurance company representatives. Crash victims need to focus on their recovery instead of fighting off pressure to accept a quick and insufficient settlement.

Relying on a dedicated plaintiff’s attorney to handle communications with the insurance company also matters because the insurer will do all it can to prove that the motorcyclist caused the collision and, as the person responsible for inflicting his or her own injuries, does not deserve payments on claims. The rider’s lawyer will collect, organize, and present evidence to counter such arguments.