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Traumatic Head Injury Lawyers in Ohio

Car crashes, truck wrecks, on-the-job accidents, medical mistakes, and assaults can all cause brain injuries. The person who suffers a brain injury due to the actions of another person or organization has an undeniable right to seek compensation and damages by filing insurance claims or pursuing a civil lawsuit. Our brain injury attorneys are here to understand your unique situation, collect the necessary resources, represent you in court and get the compensation you deserve.

What Can a Brain Injury Attorney Do For Me?

Cases involving brain injuries can become very complicated, especially when a traumatic brain injury results from a workplace accident or a suspected instance of medical malpractice.

Working with an Agee Clymer brain injury attorney will provide you with:

  • Access to investigative services,
  • Testimony from experts; and,
  • Referrals to skilled health care providers, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation specialists.

Our Approach: All Head Injuries Are To Be Taken Seriously

Many people think of brain injuries as occurring along a spectrum from mild to traumatic. As experienced Ohio traumatic brain injury attorneys, however, we know that the truth is that no injury to the brain should be treated as a minor. Even a slight blow to the head in the wrong spot can induce debilitating and disabling symptoms.

Experience & Expertise to Help You Navigate the Complex Legal System

Our attorneys have experience with motor vehicle crashes, workers’ comp, intentional tort, and medical malpractice cases, so we know the many causes and the tragic consequences of traumatic brain injuries. We may be able to help you receive compensation for the following damages: Pain and suffering, healthcare bills, “Loss of Enjoyment of Life,” loss of wages and wrongful death.