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Experienced Dog Bite Attorneys in Ohio

Any dog can bite – and even a seemingly minor nip that does little physical damage can lead to a serious infection. The size and breed of the dog do not correlate to the likelihood of an attack. Nor does it matter how seriously or how often an owner assures that their dog is friendly and “would never bite.” An experienced dog bite lawyer can help you fully understand your rights and assist you in receiving full compensation.

When Does The Dog Owner Become Responsible?

A scared, stressed, overexcited, ill, or poorly trained dog will bite, sometimes with little warning. Since dogs, other pets, and livestock are legally treated as household possessions, a dog’s owner becomes responsible for ensuring that the animal does not injure anyone. When the dog does bite someone, the victim can seek compensation from its owner.

What Kind of Negligent Behaviors Could a Dog Owner Be Responsible For In a Dog Bite Claim?

  • Walking the dog without a leash;
  • Allowing the dog to run free by, for instance, failing to put up or maintain a fence;
  • Skipping the dog’s rabies vaccine and other shots; and
  • Failing to train and secure the dog despite knowing that the animal has a history of biting.

To receive an insurance settlement or win a jury award, a dog bite injury victim must show both that the dog’s owner was negligent and that a serious injury occurred.

What If the Dog Owner Instructed the Dog to Bite You?

A dog owner is allowed to use the animal to protect themselves and their property, but it is illegal to send a dog after someone who poses no threat to people or property.

If someone maliciously “sics” a dog on you, you may have grounds for reporting an assault to the police and for discussing an intentional tort claim with a personal injury lawyer.