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Medical Malpractice occurs when the action of a physician or other healthcare worker results in harm to a patient. These incidents stem from subpar medical care that is far below the legal standards. The avoidable aftermath of medical malpractice often results in:

  • Life-altering injury
  • Worsening of the condition
  • Unnecessary suffering
  • Wrongful death

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Common Medical Malpractice Claims

As Ohio-based medical malpractice claims increase, there’s no better time than now to educate yourself on your rights and options. See the compiled list below of unfortunate, yet common medical malpractice claims.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Abuse or negligence of patients in nursing homes are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. These events can also result in physical, mental, and/or emotional harm to the patients.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors go beyond acceptable risks or complications that could arise in surgery. Causes for surgical errors include: inadequate preoperative planning, miscommunication, and neglect, among others.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a patient dies due to preventable medical errors.

Anesthesia Mistakes

If an error is made in the administration of anesthesia, and it results in major complications, a patient may have reason to bring forth a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Birth Injury

Childbirth-related injuries can refer to those suffered by the mother or those incurred by the newborn baby. Knowing how birth injuries can devastate families in addition to harming children, Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman works relentlessly to hold negligent parties accountable.

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Brain Injury

An abuse to the brain caused by external factors is a brain injury. If these external factors are negligence or errors by medical practitioners, medical malpractice claim may apply.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is characterized by loss or impairment of motor function, caused by a brain injury or brain malfunction. While a child can be born with cerebral palsy, the condition is caused by medical malpractice.

Cosmetic Surgery Errors

Cosmetic surgery includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. When unqualified, untrained, or negligent physicians cause surgical errors, a patient can suffer considerable damages.

Emergency Response Mistakes

First responders have legal protection from medical malpractice, unless they acted recklessly or with the intent to harm.

Medication Errors

The three most common medication errors are the wrong medication given, the wrong dose given, and the wrong directions for use. If a medication error results in serious injury or death, you or your loved one should consider a medical malpractice case.

Misdiagnose & Failure to Diagnose

The most common cases of medical malpractice are misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose a medical condition. Conditions most often overlooked or misdiagnosed include: cancer, allergic reactions, meningitis, and stroke, among others.