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Most bicycle accidents are not serious and involve self-inflicted injury following a fall. However, this is not the case when a bicyclist crashes with a vehicle. The majority of these incidents are damaging to both the rider’s physical and psychological condition. The legal waters surrounding these cases can be complicated; our bicycle accident attorneys are here to help you navigate the system.

Sharing The Road: The Responsibility of Motor Vehicle Drivers When It Comes to Bicyclists

Automobile operators have an increased responsibility to ensure bicyclists are safe on the road. This means that most incidents involving a bike-vehicle crash, are the fault of the automobile driver. In accidents that involve children, vehicle operators can be held liable in an accident even if they followed normal driving procedures. Around children bicyclists, drivers are expected to exercise extra caution and attentiveness.

As with all accidents, if you have sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to a settlement. When in a bike-vehicle crash, it is important to obtain a police report to determine fault in the case. This is the most key component to deciding whether you qualify for a claim.

To Improve Chances of a Positive Outcome, The Rider Must Prove The Following:

  • The driver was legally obligated to exercise increased caution around you, the bicyclist, while using the roadway
  • The driver violated responsibility and put you at risk
  • This negligence directly resulted in the subsequent accident and the injuries suffered were caused by this accident