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Neck & Back Injury Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Traffic crashes, unsafe workplaces, and poorly designed workspaces or procedures disable hundreds of people with neck and back injuries each day.

Even when the problem is diagnosed as a muscle spasm or muscle strain; the pain, limited mobility, and weakness that results can make life miserable and doing one’s job impossible.


Often occurs in rear-end collisions that cause the victim’s neck to suddenly snap back and them immediately snap forward.

Bulging or herniated disc

Can occur while twisting, lifting, or falling.

Fractured vertebra

Usually requires a direct blow, but can also happen in a fall or an impact to the top of the head

Muscle strains and tears

Problematic for people whose job depends on constant lifting and twisting

Pinched, or bruised nerves in the spine

In addition to physical pain, a back or neck injury often produces numbness, tingling, weakness, and lack of coordination in the legs, arms, and hands.

How Can Obtaining a Neck & Back Injury Attorney Help Me with My Injury?

The personal injury lawyers and workers’ compensation attorneys with Agee Clymer welcome opportunities to help neck and back injury sufferers.

We know from experience that people often need to file back injury lawsuits in Ohio because insurance companies and disability benefits programs like workers’ comp tend to deny initial claims arguing the injuries are from preexisting conditions.

Our experienced attorneys understand that a past or existing condition does not prevent an accident victim or disabled worker from filing claims for a new or exacerbated injury.