Truck Accident

If you or a family get hit and hurt by a tractor-trailer, construction vehicle, delivery van, or other commercial truck in central Ohio, make sure you seek legal advice and representation from an experienced lawyer. Personal injury and wrongful death cases are not all the same, and truck accidents present many unique challenges.

Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman discuss three of the greatest differences between truck accidents and car crashes here. We will be glad to share more information and answer your specific questions if you contact us to schedule a free consultation. Request an appointment by calling (614) 678-3318 or by completing this online contact form. If your injuries make visiting our Columbus offices difficult, we can come to you.

Larger Vehicles Cause More Damage

The most obvious — and unfortunate — difference for victims is that collisions with large trucks tend to inflict much more severe injuries than car crashes. The greater the harm caused by a negligent or reckless truck driver, the higher the medical bills and other expenses such as lost wages for victims will be. As the cost of a truck accident rises, so does the likelihood that insurance companies will dispute or reject claims for fair and adequate compensation.

Insurance Issues Start Out Complex and Get Worse

A typical 18-wheeler rolling down I-70 could have insurance of most of the following:

  • The driver, who as a contractor, carries his own operator’s policy;
  • The driver again, who as a contract employee, has liability and collision coverage under the shipping company or placement agency that hired him;
  • The cab, which as a lease, is insured separately from its driver;
  • The trailer, which likely belongs to a shipping company;
  • The entire rig, which would be covered by either the company that owns it outright or by the company sending or receiving the shipment;
  • The cargo, which would be insured by the sender or recipient; and
  • Various components, especially the tires, which can be covered by warranties or insured separately.

Figuring out why the truck accident happened will clarify which insurance policy will apply. Often, more than one policy will apply. A dedicated lawyer will understand how to prepare and present claims tailored to the requirements for each insurer.

Searching for Evidence Requires Expertise

A third major consideration is that it is not enough to merely show that a truck driver or equipment malfunction caused an accident that resulted in juries or death. To collect on insurance claims or succeed with a civil lawsuit, the victim must show that a specific act of negligence or instance of reckless behavior led to the crash. The victim must then show that the crash created the harm he or she suffered.


Proving negligence or recklessness and a causal relationship requires accessing and analyzing police reports, vehicle and equipment inspection sheets, hours of operation logs, truck “black box” data, and maintenance records. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer will help the victim get and make sense of all that information. The attorney can also handle communications with insurance company representatives and represent his or her client in court.

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