Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Car crashes, truck wrecks, on-the-job accidents, medical mistakes, and assaults can each cause brain injuries. Whether the trauma to a victim’s brain results from negligence, recklessness, or an intent to cause harm, the person who suffers a brain injury due to the actions of another person or an organization has an undeniable right to seek compensation and damages by filing insurance claims or pursuing a civil lawsuit. Partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced Columbus brain injury lawyer will help the injured person hold the responsible party accountable.


Most people think of brain injuries as occurring along a spectrum from mild to traumatic. As experienced Ohio traumatic brain injury lawyers, however, the attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman know that the truth is that no injury to the brain should be treated as a minor. Even a slight blow to the head in the wrong spot can induce debilitating and disabling symptoms.

Often, the true extent of a brain injury does not become apparent until days or weeks after a traffic accident or workplace mishap. And when a newborn’s traumatic brain injury results from errors made by doctors, nurses, or anesthesiologists during deliver, it can take a year or longer to understand the extent of the harm inflicted by possible medical malpractice.

What starts as a brief loss of consciousness and a lingering headache can turn into a lifetime of blinding headaches, loss of muscle coordination, and nearly constant nausea. The most severe forms of traumatic brain injuries put victims in comas and impose permanent physical disabilities and intellectual deficits. Individuals with TBIs can need around-the-clock supervision and assistance with many of the most basic tasks of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and feeding themselves.

Since a TBI often impacts an entire family, asking for advice and representation from a dedicated Columbus traumatic brain injury lawyer can become necessary to avoid adding financial hardship to the other struggles of ensuring a loved one lives his or her best life despite the TBI.


Cases involving brain injuries can become very complicated, especially when a TBI results from a workplace accident or a suspected instance of medical malpractice. When the victim or the victim’s family collaborates with a Columbus brain injury attorney, they gain access to investigative services, testimony from experts, and referrals to skilled health care providers, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation specialists.

A Columbus brain injury lawyer will also stand up to insurance company representatives who pressure victims to accept quick and insufficient settlements, opposing attorneys who try to blame a victim’s TBI on the person’s own unsafe activities, and government agencies like Ohio Workers’ Compensation that look for any reason to deny claims.

If you or a family member has suffered a brain injury because someone else acted negligently, recklessly, or maliciously, reach out to the Ohio traumatic brain injury law firm of Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman. Our attorneys have experience with motor vehicle crash, workers’ comp, intentional tort, and medical malpractice cases, so we know the many causes and the tragic consequences of TBIs.

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