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How Long Do I have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Ohio?

The deadline for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio depends on the reason you are submitting your application for benefits. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) considers claims for work-related injuries, deaths in accidents on the job, occupational illnesses, and deaths from occupational illnesses. Our workers’ comp lawyers will work to ensure you file your claim(s) on time.

What Happens If You Don’t File Your Worker’s Comp On Time

Failing to meet the specific deadline for your type of workers’ compensation claim results in an automatic rejection. No matter how clearly an injured, ill, or deceased worker deserves compensation, the BWC will not consider a claim that is submitted after the deadline has passed.

Also, meeting the deadline is only the most basic requirement for receiving benefits such as the payment of medical bills and replacement wages. The BWC and the employer involved in the case can challenge a claim. Many workers find it necessary to file one or more appeals after their initial application is rejected.

Deadlines for Different Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claims:

You have one year from the day on which you suffered your work-related injury to file a workers’ comp claim in Ohio.

The deadline for Filing a Claim for a Death in a Workplace Accident:

  • This deadline is also one year from the day on which the fatal on-the-job accident occurred. A spouse, adult child, or legal representative of a minor child can file the claim on behalf of the deceased worker.

The deadline for Occupational Illnesses (BWC provides deadlines for these claims):

  • Six months after the date of diagnosis by a physician;
  • Two years after the disability due to the disease began; or,
  • Two years after a death due to the disease