Remember that old comedy bit that starts, “You can call me Ray …”?

Set aside the quite high annoyance factor and understand that the gist of that tired gag applies to the job titles of “lawyer” and “attorney”. Both terms can be used interchangeably with no loss of meaning or significance, and with zero risk of causing offense.

Heck, you could even call the Columbus, Ohio, lawyers and attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman barristers, litigators, plaintiffs’ representatives, counselors, esquires, or — if you want to get all academical about it — juris doctors and doctors of law. We won’t mind what synonym for lawyer you call us as long as you call us to handle your case involving one of the following issues:

That last area of civil law encompasses lawsuits brought against an individual or organization that meant to cause harm. Examples of intentional tort cases include assault, theft, fraud, and defamation.

We offered this brief overview of the kinds of law we practice to make the larger point that while it does not matter if you call us lawyers or attorneys, it does matter why you call us at all. Specialization and experience matter greatly when it comes to providing quality, accurate, and actionable legal advice. No one should ever face a judge or jury in criminal court while relying on a real estate lawyer as lead counsel. Similarly, no one should buy a house after only speaking with an attorney who has spent 20 years practicing nothing but criminal defense.

If you need a Columbus, Ohio, attorney to handle your disability, injury, or retirement case, consider contacting us. Attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman offer free consultations, and we can visit potential clients in health care facilities or their own homes if they cannot come to our offices. To schedule an appoint, fill out this online contact form or call (614) 678-3318.