Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, handle:

While this list explains which files come across our desks, it does not in any way describe how we help clients. We dedicate ourselves to serving as guides, servants, advisers and untiring advocates for each person we consult and represent. If you hire one of our Columbus lawyers, here’s what we promise to do for you.

Act as Your Guide

The two questions we hear most often from potential clients are

  • Do I have a case?
  • What should I do now?

We offer no-cost consultations to answer both of these questions in detail. We fill in the people who call us or visit our Columbus, OH, offices on what the law says about situations like theirs, and we talk through results from similar insurance claims or civil lawsuits.

When moving forward with a case makes sense, we spell out what our client must do in terms of gathering evidence, meeting deadlines and taking actions like seeing doctors, doing therapy, giving depositions and appearing in court.

Provide Services You Cannot Perform for Yourself

Succeeding with an insurance claim or lawsuit requires correctly completing, filing, amending, and reviewing mountains of paperwork. Any number of statements must be taken from our client, witnesses, experts, and the defendant. Failing to comply with laws and regulations regarding how those statements are taken, recorded and transcribed can (and does) get a case thrown out on technical grounds.

In addition to crossing all legal t’s and dotting all the procedural i’s, the Columbus, Ohio, lawyers with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman do much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes that keep a case moving toward the best resolution for their client. This includes making copies, delivering documents, identifying and interviewing experts, and scheduling meetings and court dates.

Advise You Based on Our Best Knowledge and Extensive Experience

At several points during any case, our client will have to decide whether to keep pressing ahead in the face of challenges or to accept an offered settlement. Often, no clearly correct decision presents itself.

We never tell a client what he or she must do. Instead, we strive to give each person as much factual information as possible about the consequences of their choices. We crunch the numbers to calculate a fair settlement, summarize outcomes from earlier cases pursued on similar grounds, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments offered by the defendant. We also make sure our client has access to medical care and other means of support.

Give You a Voice

Taking on an insurance company, employer, a retirement system, a state agency, or the Social Security Administration is daunting. Many of our clients must also deal with physical, mental, or financial challenges that leave them unable to navigate bureaucracies and wait months or years for payments. As plaintiff attorneys, we advocate aggressively and exclusively for the people we represent. We act only in our client’s interest, and we do not get discouraged when encountering resistance to securing the best results.

If you have been injured, lost a loved one to another negligence, or been denied disability or retirement benefits, contact one of our Columbus lawyers to let him or her know they can help. Call (800) 678-3318 or schedule an appointment online.