Short & Long Term Disability

Short and Long Term Disability

Whether your employer has provided or you have purchased disability insurance,  carrying a short-term and/or long-term disability policy provides peace of mind. You hope never to need either, but a small sense of comfort comes with knowing that you and your family have financial protection should an injury or illness become incapacitating.

That’s the promise, anyway.

Over our decades practicing disability law in Columbus and across Ohio, we have seen hundreds of instances where insurance companies denied coverage of legitimate claims for short-term and long-term disabilities. No two case have been exactly alike, but a strong desire by the insurance company to avoid honoring its contractual commitment lay at the heart of each contested and denied claim.

We also saw in each case that the injured or ill individuals we helped needed to concentrate on their own health and well-being. The last thing they needed, or wanted, was to spend time making endless phone calls, sending emails that elicited no or incomprehensible answers, and completing form after form to no apparent effect.

The insurance companies actually counted on this, figuring they could outlast policyholders who lacked the strength and resources to engage in an extended bureaucratic or legal battle.

Agee Clymer disability lawyers commit themselves to fighting for clients who start at a disadvantage against insurance companies. We level the field by stepping up to deal directly with insurance companies. We also ensure that our clients stay fully informed about negotiations and the status of their claims at each step of the process. Most of all, we listen to clients and take only the actions that the clients themselves decide are in their best interest.

When Insurance Coverage Won’t Suffice

Agee Clymer attorneys practice all types of disability law. Beyond helping resolve insurance coverage disputes, we may be able to assist you with:

How Agee Clymer Can Help

The best time to contact us is after you have been denied coverage or benefits so that we may assist you throughout the appeals process. This will be a discouraging time. The language and tactics used by the insurance company or disability program will be intended to confuse and frustrate. Enlisting the advice and assistance of an experienced disability attorney who works only for you will protect your rights and improve your chances for success.

You can schedule a free consultation online or speak with a lawyer by calling our Columbus office at (614) 221-3318. We cannot take every case, but we will be happy to answer your initial questions.

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