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Homeowners, property managers, and businesses have a legal duty to protect visitors and customers from injuries and illnesses. The technical term for this obligation is “premises liability.” The more common description is slip and fall because those are thought of as the most common types of preventable accidents in stores, at someone else’s residence, or at a place like a restaurant or a hotel.

Other injuries that can merit filing a premises liability insurance claim or civil lawsuit with the assistance of a Columbus slip and fall accident lawyer include burns, cuts, electric shocks, food poisoning that results in hospitalization or death, and permanent damage to lungs or eyes from exposure to toxic substances. Again, the legal principle is that a person should expect to be safe when entering a place of business or a home other than his or her own. Failing to ensure that safety can make the owner or operator of the place where an injury, illness, disability, or death occurred liable for paying compensation and damages to the victim and the victim’s family.

Proving Negligence or Recklessness Is Key to Succeeding With a Slip and Fall Claim

The classic example of a case handled by an Ohio slip and fall lawyer has the client breaking a leg or dislocating a shoulder when a store owner fails to post a Wet Floor sign after a spill or while the staff is mopping. That probably represents the least-common premises liability scenario.

Most dangers that exist at businesses and around homes are less obvious. Stairs often go decades without being properly inspected or repaired when necessary. The railing on a balcony can fail to meet the height or weight limits set by building codes. Heavy boxes often get stored on high shelves and positioned in ways that make them prone to falling on unsuspecting customers. Stock clerks operating pallet jacks or forklifts may not slow down when rounding corners. Parking lot lights may burn out and go without replacement bulbs. A toxic cloud can form quickly when two cleaning solutions mix inadvertently.

Each premises liability case will come with its own unique story, but a Columbus, Ohio, slip and fall lawyer or forklift accident will need to answer one question: Could the property owner or business manager have taken actions to prevent the injury?

Not building to code, skipping routine maintenance, failing to train staff adequately in safety procedures, and not properly supervising workers can each constitute negligence of the type that makes a business or homeowner responsible for any harm that results from the oversight. Recklessness may also come into play when the business or property manager makes no effort at all to safeguard the premises.

How to Know if You Have a Slip and Fall Case

Accidents do happen, but every injury, illness, or death has a cause. When you suffer harm at a store, restaurant, hotel, or acquaintance’s house that is severe enough to require hospital treatment, you should probably consult with a Columbus, Ohio, slip and fall accident lawyer or forklift accident lawyer. An attorney will help you collect and organize evidence of negligence or recklessness, deal with insurance company representatives, and calculate the actual cost of your slip and fall-related medical bills, time out of work, and lingering disability.

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