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Wrongful Termination Lawyers

“I was terminated without just cause.”

And sadly, it’s true that employers fire people for many reasons that have nothing to do with poor performance or financial circumstances that dictate reducing payroll. This happens even though several federal laws and sections of the Ohio Civil Rights Act make it illegal for companies and agencies to use discrimination or retaliation as the primary reason for terminating an employee.

What types of discrimination am I protected from?

Employees are protected from discrimination against their:

  • Race,
  • National origin,
  • Ethnicity,
  • Age (especially employees older than 40),
  • Sex,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Religion,
  • Disability,
  • Genetic profile, and
  • Veteran status or military service.

What are some other examples of protected activities that are covered under wrongful termination?

  • Requesting or using medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act,
  • Asking for an accommodation for a temporary or permanent disability,
  • Reporting discrimination against oneself or other people,
  • Assisting in an investigation into a report of discrimination,
  • Demanding the minimum wage and/or earned overtime,
  • Demanding equal pay for doing the same job as a coworker who is of the opposite sex,
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim,
  • Reporting safety hazards,
  • Acting as a whistleblower to report fraud or violations of laws or regulations, and
  • Asking for the accommodation of a religious observance.

If you recognize your situation in one of the above lists and were terminated, you may have grounds for filing a wrongful termination complaint and pursuing a lawsuit against your former employer.

Is It Too Late to Sue for Wrongful Termination?

Acting quickly is essential. The agencies that administer the laws that protect employees against wrongful termination generally set a six-month deadline for filing a complaint. This means that you must contact the agency within 180 days of the date on which you were fired for a discriminatory or retaliatory reason.

How can an Agee Clymer Employment Law attorney help me with my wrongful termination?

Consulting with a wrongful termination attorney will help you understand whether you can and should take legal action.

The wrongful termination lawyer will also be able to:

  • Walk you through the process of preparing and making an official complaint,
  • Help you go through an investigation; and,
  • Collecting, organizing, and presenting evidence.