Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Ohio Workers’ compensation benefits are available to assist workers when a work place injury prevents them from preforming job duties. The need for workers’ compensation came about because in the past, employers would be sued for each instance of work place injuries. Rather than continue the practice, employers and employees entered into a bargain in which the employer would invest in an insurance program that would pay out employees should they become injured on the job.Workers’ compensation is designed to help support those workers who have been injured at work. The amount of money received should directly correlate with the medical expense and the lost wages associated with the injury. This is why seeking medical attention for any work place injury is crucial. The more information an injured employee can provide when completing the initial injury report, the better.

Employers whose employees engage in high risk or dangerous work activities purchase workers’ compensation insurance. They do this with the understanding that they cannot be sued for work place negligence. Rather, they will pay out of the insurance fund created to address work place injuries. This system has evolved to be a “no fault” resolution to a work place injury. Rather than spend legal fees to find fault, most have relinquished this archaic notion and prefer to focus on the injury.

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