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A New Perspective on the Practice of Law

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member, Eric Cameron about workers’ compensation and his views on the practice after an eye-opening experience during a hearing.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Dismissal

By Katherine E. Ivan and Frederic A. Portman Agee Clymer Mitchell Portman Canestraro Robinson Cameron Ohio workers’ compensation attorneys who practice litigation have likely stipulated to dismiss an Employer Notice of Appeal case and later re-filed, perhaps even several times on the same case.[1] A careful review of the Ohio “savings statute”[2] and case law […]


Can You Reopen a Closed Workers Comp Case in Ohio?

Possibly. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation makes a procedure called “reactivation” available to people whose work-related injuries or illnesses worsen or produce previously undetected symptoms after their original benefits ended. Not every person is eligible to file for reactivation, however, and getting a workers’ comp case reopened requires clearing some significant hurdles. Know the […]

Can You Get SSDI and SSI mental illness benefits in Ohio

Can You Get Social Security Disability and SSI for Depression in Ohio? The short answer is yes. Severe debilitating depression can qualify you to receive federal disability benefits. The Social Security Administration recognizes “depressive, bipolar and related disorders” as potentially permanently disabling conditions. The agency will not, however, approve any claim for Social Security Disability […]


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