The steps you take in the hours and days following an on-the-job injury in northeastern Ohio can make a great deal of difference in whether you qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. While the circumstances leading up to your own workplace accident will differ from every other incident reported to Ohio Workers’ Compensation, there is a well-established process for responding appropriately.

Here are the four most important steps you should take.

First, Seek Medical Care

You must include extensive medical evidence with your workers’ comp application. The program only authorizes benefits for people who can prove that their work-related injury was severe enough to require treatment and to keep the person off the job for weeks or months.

The serious and temporarily disabling nature of a work-related injury are best established by presenting emergency room bills, hospital records, health insurance claims, prescription orders, and reports from physical therapists. Save all of that documentation and have it with you as you prepare your workers’ comp application.

Second, Ask for a Written Accident Report

The Ohio Workers’ Compensation program does not require official accident reports. You still want one.

When your employer writes its report, it must conduct an investigation and defend its conclusions. If it does not do a thorough investigation or cannot substantiate its findings, then it will not be able to support an objection to awarding workers’ comp benefits.

The investigation can also serve as a guide for what a Cleveland, Ohio, workers’ compensation attorney needs to look into on behalf of his client. When that reinvestigation turns up errors or oversights in the report, the attorney will have ammunition for arguing against a demand that the workers’ comp program reject his client’s application for benefits.

Third, Speak With Co-Workers and Witnesses

You will probably have a very limited perspective on what led up to your workplace accident. You may not even remember that actual injury.

The information you gather from co-workers and witnesses will help you understand if the official accident report is complete and accurate. The people who fill in the blanks can also be asked to submit affidavits should appealing a rejection of benefits become necessary.

Four, Consider Consulting With a Cleveland Workers’ Comp Lawyer

The workers’ comp program and employers look for any excuse to reject benefits claims. Many times, errors or omissions on the application form give them all the reason they need to deny covering medical expenses. Offering settlements and replacing lost wages.

Consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help ensure that you submit a complete application that includes all the evidence needed.

You can schedule a free appointment with an Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman workers’ comp lawyer in Cleveland by calling (800) 678-3318 or by connecting with us online. We will make sure to answer your questions regarding steps you need to take to receive the temporary disability benefits you deserve.