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Personal injury, Social Security, Workers’ compensation attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman work on behalf of people with short-term and permanent disabilities in Columbus and the surrounding areas of central and southern Ohio. We also represent clients in medical malpractice, Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, and public employee disability and retirement plan cases. And, unlike many personal injury and workers’ comp attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, we welcome intentional tort cases. When a person or organization intended to cause you harm by assaulting you, stealing from you, or committing fraud, you can find a legal ally and courtroom champion at Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman.

A special focus on Ohio Workers’ Compensation

Suffering an injury or developing a debilitating health problem on the job can devastate your entire family. Partnering with a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney will help you overcome the numerous barriers that can pop up when you apply for compensation and replacement wages. You can trust your workers’ comp lawyer to make sure all the necessary paperwork gets filled out and filed correctly, each deadline gets met, and objections raised by a case reviewer or your employer are answered with solid evidence.

Taking on the toughest case for those most in need

Injured workers, patients harmed by medical malpractice, car crash victims, and participants in plans like the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System or Social Security have every right to expect financial compensation or benefits. Too often, the system fails an already suffering person and struggling family. This is when the Columbus workers compensation attorneys with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman will step up. We take on employers, health care corporations, insurers, drivers, government agencies, and retirement plans to hold them to their legal obligations.

Free and confidential consultations with Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers

Call (614) 221-3318 to speak with a workers compensation lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, or if you need help with any other type of personal injury, wrongful death, or disability case. We take appointments online, and one of our caring and ethical attorneys can travel to you if your health or finances make coming into our offices difficult.


Workplace Injury Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio

Suffering a serious injury on the job in Ohio means dealing with the state workers’ compensation system. While nearly every employer pays into workers’ comp as a kind of insurance policy to cover employees who get hurt while engaged in work-related activities, many barriers can spring up when a person files a claim. Partnering with a dedicated Columbus work injury attorney can clear away the obstacles and secure wage replacement and other payments.

Why You Need a Columbus Workplace Accident Attorney on Your Side

Risks for getting hurt while working abound. In the event another driver collides with a company vehicle, falling from an improperly installed or insufficiently secured ladder, or losing a finger or hand to a malfunctioning machine are just three common dangers. Careless co-workers, inattentive supervisors, and irregular maintenance all pose dangers that a worker cannot control.

This is why workers’ compensation exists, but the program operates differently from a personal injury or health insurance policy. To qualify for benefits, an injured employee must present evidence that he or she was doing a job-related task when the injury occurred. The workers’ comp applicant also need to show that he or she was using required safety gear, complying with written policies and procedures, following a manager or supervisor’s instructions, and did not intentionally cause harm to him or herself.

Many employers will exercise their rights to contest all of these issues as a way to avoid having worker’s comp claims approved. For this reason alone, seeking advice and representation from a Columbus work-related injury attorney is usually a good idea.

Enlisting the help of an attorney who has experience with industrial injury claims in Ohio will also help a worker ensure that all the necessary paperwork gets completed and filed correctly and that the appropriate medical records are made available to workers’ comp claim reviewers. Last, many injured workers find it necessary to appeal an initial denial of workers’ comp benefits. Involving a lawyer who only has his or her best interests at heart in the claims process from the start gives a worker who has been denied medical payments, replacement wages, and/or injury settlements a ready ally and someone who knows all the details of the case to press the appeal.

A Note on Industrial Illnesses

The Ohio workers compensation system also covers lung diseases, cancers, and skin conditions caused by workplace exposures to toxic chemicals and harmful substances. Employees must know, however, that issues related to the statute of limitations, the development of disabling symptoms, and confirmed diagnoses loom large in workers’ comp claims stemming from industrial illnesses.

Consulting with a Columbus, Ohio, industrial accident lawyer before seeking workers compensation benefits will help ensure that a case can move forward. Speaking with an attorney who has a well-established network of health professionals to offer expert analysis can also help a sick worker find the medical care he or she needs.

Let the Columbus Ohio based workers compensation lawyers with Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman know how they may be of service to you as you apply for or appeal a decision on Ohio workers’ compensation benefits. We offer free consultations, so call (614) 221-3318 to request an appointment or connect with us online.

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At Agee Clymer, we offer our 90 years of combined experience to best serve our clients. We are advocates for the people of Ohio and use our experience in workers’ compensation law to help the industrious workers of the Buckeye state. With 8 convenient offices in Ohio, our clients are all within an hour of our exceptional workers’ compensation attorneys.


We are personally committed to helping injured workers and providing quality legal counsel to the disabled, often going above and beyond to advocate for the rights of our clients. Our goal is to become the premier workers’ compensation law firm and the premier Social Security Disability law firm in the region.


Discover the dedicated best workers’ compensation attorneys and staff of Agee Clymer where we use a collaborative approach that gets results. We are the workers’ compensation attorneys who the other attorneys trust. We receive over 100 client referrals from fellow lawyers through out the state.


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