Watch for any of the following six warning signs that you have contacted or hired a bad attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. If any of the red flags pop up, exercise your right as a client and employer to find a new lawyer to offer you trustworthy advice and provide quality representation. You can change attorneys at any time, and you should if you discover reasons not to believe they are acting ethically or in your best interest.


Never Believe a Promise of Guaranteed Results

Each case presents unique challenges, and no outcome can ever be predicted with 100 percent certainty. Attorneys who promise wins are committing an ethical violation by leading people to expect results that they may not be able to deliver. When choosing a Cleveland Workers Compensation attorney for your case, hire the one you can trust to work as hard as possible to secure the best outcome for you.


Stop Trying When Your Lawyer Becomes Hard to Contact

You need a Cleveland attorney who picks up the phone when you call and who responds to emails promptly. Developments in your case can come at any time, and you will have new questions as your case progresses. A lawyer who makes him or herself unavailable to provide answers is not the lawyer you need.


Walk Away When Your Attorney Withholds Information

Professional codes of practice require lawyers to share all relevant information with their clients. This obligation extends to offers and requests for evidence from the opposing party, risks and benefits of possible strategies, and the likely outcomes from a given decision. If your Cleveland attorney keeps any sort of information from you, how you can be sure that he or she is being honest and forthcoming on other matters?


Put an End to Conflicts of Interest

You need your Cleveland attorney to represent only you and to work only in your best interest. If, for instance, you learn that the personal injury lawyer you hired to handle your car crash case is also representing other victims of the same wreck, fire that lawyer. To borrow a proverb, no person can serve two others equally.


Never Cave to Pressure to Settle

A Cleveland attorney who acts in your interest will offer opinions; he or she will not issue orders. You may hear truths you would rather not confront, but an honest lawyer who wants only what is best for you will not misrepresent an inadequate settlement as the best you can expect.


Check for Disciplinary History

Before you sign a contract with an attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, go to the state Supreme Court’s search page, enter the lawyer’s name, and look for any information in the fields of Discipline History and Administrative Sanctions and Suspensions. You generally want to refrain from hiring an attorney who has mistreated former clients.

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