Do I Pay Taxes on My Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

No. Neither the IRS nor the State of Ohio treats workers’ compensation benefits as income for tax purposes.

You will have to have been injured or made sick on the job and then fight through a tough claims process; the silver lining to this process is the tax-free status of a workers’ comp claim.

Money from other disability programs, pensions, and limited work can be taxed. The following table shows the typical ways that federal and state tax collectors treat the types of payments commonly available to temporarily or permanently disabled workers.

Is My Disability Benefit Taxed?

Private or union pension payments collected after becoming disabled Yes, this type of income is taxed, as is the standard Social Security benefit if it combines with other sources of income to total more than $25,000 in a calendar year.
Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI is taxed as income only if the recipient’s total income rises above the threshold for paying income tax.
Supplemental Security Income No, SSI is not taxed.
Veterans Affairs disability payments No, cash benefits from the VA are not taxed.
Workers’ Compensation No type of workers’ comp benefit is taxed. This tax-free status applies to monthly benefits checks, lump sum payments, settlements, and payments made to the surviving spouse or dependents of someone who died in a work-related incident.

Wages and salary earned after returning to work with a partial disability and while still receiving benefits from workers’ comp or another program is fully taxable as income. Getting advice from your Cleveland workers’ comp attorney about filing taxes in ways to make clear distinctions between what gets taxed and what is exempt can help you avoid penalties and audits for misreporting income.

Have Questions About A Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

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