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How Can an Attorney Help Me With My Workers’ Comp Claim in Galion, Ohio?

If you are thinking about hiring a workers’ comp lawyer in Galion, you already know that the program provides medical coverage and replacement wages to people who suffer work-related injuries or develop occupational illnesses. You have probably also applied for benefits and had your claim denied.

Helping clients appeal denials is one of the primary jobs of our Galion-based workers’ comp attorneys. Although we are available to answer questions and provide some guidance to an injured or ill worker preparing their initial application to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), we deliver our best and most valuable services during the appeals process.  This is because appeals can be lengthy and discouraging, ultimately culminating in a lawsuit against the BWC.

Lawyers with Agee Clymer can also assist with filing personal injury lawsuits that are pursued separately from a workers’ comp claim and with legal actions against employers who retaliate against employees who submit injury reports or call attention to safety issues.

Stepping in During the Workers’ Comp Appeal Process

Ohio workers’ comp rules allow three official appeals of a rejected claim. The rules also grant an applicant the right to sue when none of the official appeals result in an approval of benefits.

Succeeding with an appeal or lawsuit can require preparing and submitting additional paperwork, gathering additional medical evidence, and appearing at hearings to testify. Going through the appeals process while receiving advice and representation from an Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer is not required, but it can help a lot.

The lawyer will know what forms need to go to which officials, ensure all deadlines are met, and understand which arguments are most likely to convince case reviewers or a judge. Trusting most of the administrative tasks to an experienced lawyer will also allow the injured or ill client to focus on regaining their health and getting back into the flow of their job.

Pursuing Third-Party Lawsuits

State laws make it almost—not entirely, but almost—impossible to sue one’s own employer for negligence following an on-the-job injury or the onset of symptoms from an occupational illness. Applying for workers’ comp benefits is the best option for ensuring medical expenses are paid and the financial hit of temporary disability is diminished.

However, grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit against a third party may exist. Common situations in which a person can receive workers’ comp benefits and pursue a third-party lawsuit are

  • Traffic accidents involving work vehicles,
  • Injuries caused by defective tools and equipment,
  • Slips and falls on out-of-code stairs and walkways, and
  • Mistakes by contractors who are employed by different companies.

A Galion workers’ comp attorney will examine all aspects of your accident to see if filing a third-party lawsuit is a possibility.

Standing Up for Victims of Workplace Retaliation

Our Galion workers’ compensation attorneys have colleagues who specialize in Ohio employment law. Many of the cases they take involve claims that employers penalized, mistreated, or fired workers for exercising their rights to stay safe and free from discrimination in the workplace.

If your manager or supervisor retaliated against you because you filed a workers’ comp claim, we can hold those individuals accountable for violating your rights. Examples of workplace retaliation include reassigning you to dirty or dangerous tasks, insulting you in front of coworkers, sabotaging your projects, and ending your employment.

Let a Galion workers’ comp lawyer from Agee Clymer know how they can assist you. Schedule a free consultation online, or text/call us at (614) 221-3318. We also respond to emails.

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