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Who Can Benefit From Partnering With a Social Security Disability Attorney in Galion, Ohio?

A Galion Social Security disability attorney proves their worth at two particular stages of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. The first is at the very beginning, when potential SSDI/SSI applicants require answers to basic question about their eligibility for federal disability benefits.

Then, since a large percentage of first-time applications for SSDI/SSI payment get rejected, a Social Security disability lawyer can advise and represent a client as they navigate the SSDI/SSI appeals process. The Social Security Administration enforces tough rules regarding who can apply, qualifying for payments, and deadlines for filing appeals. During appeals, specific types of documentation and arguments are needed to win a reversal on earlier rejections.

Partnering with an attorney who has guided many clients through the confusing and discouraging federal system makes it easier to understand and follow the rules. Additionally, having support from a knowledgeable ally makes it easier to resist the urge to give up instead of fighting through bureaucratic obstacles to obtaining essential financial support.

Not Everyone Can Apply for Social Security Disability

Social Security is often described as a universal retirement and disability benefits program for all U.S. citizens. In reality, tens of thousands of Ohio residents are not eligible to receive payments through Social Security under any circumstances. Several times more Ohioans may fail to qualify for SSDI or SSI payments for technical reasons related to the rules of those specific programs.

If you have not paid into the Social Security system because you worked exclusively for a state or local government entity in Ohio, you may not be eligible to receive SSDI payments. Instead, you must seek disability payments through the state employee retirement plan you participated in. Those plans go by names such as the Ohio Public Employees Retirements System (OPERS) and the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). Disability attorneys with Agee Clymer can assist with applications and appeals to state employee disability programs.

Additionally, Social Security is a long-term disability program. People who are expected to recover and return to work or school in less than a year should apply to a program such as Ohio Workers’ Compensation or invoke their own insurance coverage. A Galion SSDI attorney will be able to steer a potential client to the appropriate disability benefits provider.

Last, SSI is only available to people who both medically qualify to receive payments and can prove that they have little to no monthly household income from work or other sources. The “household” qualifier is important here because children with permanent disabilities are common recipients of SSI payments. In all events, discussing their economic situation with a Galion SSI lawyer will help a person who is applying for SSDI know whether also applying for supplemental income is an option.

Do Not Expect to Sail Through the Process

The Social Security Administration recognizes practically all long-term physical, behavioral and intellectual disabilities as grounds for awarding SSI and SSDI payments. When it comes to deciding whether to award payments, the agency simply performs a calculation using the financial information supplied by each applicant.

Those straightforward systems do not, however, produce quick and positive outcomes for every person. SSDI and SSI applications get rejected for a broad range of reasons. Consequently, pursuing multiple rounds of appeals is often necessary. When official appeals are exhausted, a person with a disability may need to sue the Social Security Administration.

Social Security disability lawyers in the Galion, Ohio, office of Agee Clymer have guided thousands of SSDI and SSI applicants through the appeals process. We know how to clear hurdles and remove roadblocks, and we ensure that all necessary paperwork reaches the correct desks within the allowable timeframes.

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