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SSA Physical & Mental Disability Lawyer

About two-thirds of recipients qualify due to physical conditions that prevent their ability to work on a regular basis. The remaining one-third suffer from mental illness. Because of the large number of rules governing disability payments and the possibility that deserving applicants will be rejected for failure to correctly navigate the system, many people who apply for disability benefits based on a physical condition retain an expert lawyer to advise them.

Understanding Physical Disability Benefit Qualifications

To determine if an applicant’s physical condition qualifies for benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step review. The SSA will assess:

  • whether the applicant is working
  • whether the applicant’s condition is severe
  • is the applicant’s disabling condition listed by SSA, or is an equally severe medical condition.
  • can the applicant do the work they did previously?
  • can the applicant do another type of work?

Even if applicants with medical conditions meet all of the criteria above, they may still not be eligible to receive benefits due to other government rules and factors.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to File for Social Security Disability?

For many of the 10.2 million Americans who did apply successfully and currently receive disability benefits, the monthly payments represent a vital financial safety net.

An Agee Clymer disability lawyer will help you navigate the complexities of filing for disability benefits.

An experienced disability attorney can make certain that all required paperwork is in order, that deadlines are met, and that applicants are fully apprised of their rights, especially if their initial application is declined.

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