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What To Do If Your Social Security Disability Is Denied

Most first-time applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are denied. The rejection needn’t be the final word, and many people do win the right to receive benefits after a successful appeal. Our expert Social Security lawyers specialize in appealing claims that have been denied and can possibly help you receive proper compensation.

The Timing of A SSDI/SSI Appeal Is Crucial

The Social Security Administration (SSA) must receive a written appeal within 60 days or the decision becomes final. Rather than handle an appeal on their own, many denied applicants immediately seek the advice of a lawyer to assist with the process.

Seeking the advice of a SSDI/SSI attorney may improve the chances that an appeal will succeed, and reduces the risk that the appeal will fail or be delayed due to misunderstanding the process or overlooking crucial deadlines. A denied claim applicant who remains dissatisfied after the first three review steps also has the right to file a formal lawsuit in a federal district court.

Experienced SSDI/SSI Lawyers Can Handle Many Appeals-Related Activities, Such As:

  • helping their clients obtain medical records to support their claims;
  • preparing their clients and other witnesses for the hearing;
  • filing the necessary paperwork for reconsideration, hearing and review;
  • and being on hand for all face-to-face interactions with the Social Security Administration and, if need be, the federal district court.