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The Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund (OP&F) covers many police officers and first responders across Ohio. Headquartered in Columbus and created by the General Assembly in 1965, OP&F is one of the five Ohio retirement systems. The system is “designed to provide reasonable income to plan participants and their beneficiaries when they need it most, be it when they stop working, become disabled or in the event of death before or after retirement.” (op-f.org/files/memberguide.pdf)

Sometimes a career is cut short by an injury or a combination of conditions that make it impossible for a member to perform their job, and for that OP&F disability retirement benefits are available. In the event of a permanently disabling condition(s), the member may apply for these benefits through OP&F, and the attorneys at Agee Clymer can help.

How Agee Clymer Can Help

Stopping a career before expecting to do so can be a difficult and emotional experience. At Agee Clymer, we are here to help OP&F members make that decision and transition easier. Some basic questions can be answered by visiting: https://www.op-f.org/Files/MGDisabilityBenefits.pdf

Your initial consultation is completely free. If you need an attorney to assist with your Ohio Police and Fire disability retirement claim, contact us today.

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