Columbus Ohio Attorneys Battling the Front Lines for Workers Compensation Rights

Sep 12, 2016

The Ohio General Assembly has now made it abundantly clear that it is their desire to “reform” the state’s workers’ compensation system. On three separate occasions now, they have attempted to introduce legislation which would take away an injured worker’s right to choose their own physician of record. Instead, individuals would be forced to go to doctors chosen by Managed Care Organizations who work for employers. Our ability to help our clients get the medical care and benefits they need would be severely limited. Agee, Clymer, Mitchell & Portman is on the frontlines, battling the Republican legislature on this issue. Three of our attorneys serve on the Board for the Ohio Association of Justice and one of our partners, Eric Cameron, sits on the organization’s Executive Committee, presently Chairing the Workers’ Compensation Section. By staying involved, we believe we provide an extra edge for our clients. It’s important our clients understand we are actively fighting for their right in these kinds of battles- not only in the hearing room, but in a much broader, political context as well.

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