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Wrongful Death Attorney in Circleville, Ohio

While we all know that death is a part of life, there are certain expectations that we have regarding the way in which we die. We certainly do not hope to perish at the hands of another, but unfortunately, this happens to some.

If your loved one lost their life at the hands of another, even if it was purely accidental and malice was not a factor, you should contact a Circleville wrongful death attorney to discuss the details of your situation and determine if your loved one’s death meets the criteria of a wrongful death case.

Defining Circleville, Ohio Wrongful Death Cases

It may be difficult to determine what exactly constitutes a wrongful death case. After all, death is usually unexpected, and deciding if someone’s death was wrongful or just the result of misfortune can be hard to do.

The key to defining wrongful death is that the death must be have been the result of another person’s negligence or carelessness. The death must also have been accidental, as any deaths that result from intentional are not wrongful death cases, but manslaughter or murder cases.

Wrongful death lawyers in Circleville, Ohio will be able to work closely with you to determine if your loved one’s death might be a wrongful death case.

Common Circleville Wrongful Death Cases

What kinds of fatal situations frequently turn into wrongful death cases? The following list outlines several common wrongful death scenarios that are all too familiar for Circleville wrongful death lawyers.

Work-Related Fatalities

You have likely heard of workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp, which offers monetary compensation to workers who were injured on the job. However, what if a worker perishes on the job? The loved ones of the deceased worker could receive monetary compensation if they file a lawsuit with the help of a wrongful death attorney in Circleville, Ohio. Circleville Workers’ Compensation lawyers.

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

While it can be difficult to determine, who is at fault when it comes to car and motorcycle collisions, sometimes it’s quite clear who is to blame. If your loved one passed as the result of a car or motorcycle collision and another driver caused the accident, you may have a wrongful death case on your hands.

Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman are seasoned car accident lawyers in Circleville, Ohio that can help you find peace of mind after the passing of your loved in a car or motorcycle collision.

Pedestrian Accident

When we think of fatal scenarios involving vehicles, we usually think of collisions between two or more vehicles. However, fatal scenarios can arise that involve only one vehicle. Pedestrians are at risk for getting struck by drivers, and the human body cannot compete with the impact of a motor vehicle. For this reason, fatal pedestrian accidents are one of the most common wrongful death scenarios in Circleville, Ohio.


Wrongful Death Attorney in Circleville, Ohio

If your loved one has passed in a situation that was ultimately caused by somebody else, you need to speak to a Circleville wrongful death attorney today.

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