How Does the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Handle Claims?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is very much a bureaucracy. It’s staff processes mounds of paperwork each day in order to issue life-changing decisions about the replacement of wages lost to work-related and injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as the coverage of medical treatments. BWC staff apply strict rules when deciding to […]

What to Do When You Get Injured in a Workplace Accident?

Knowing the procedure to follow if an accident occurs at work can make all the difference between succeeding with a workers’ compensation claim and facing steep medical bills on your own. While each workplace injury happens in a different way that is unique to the setting, the job being done and the people doing the […]

How Long Can a Workers Comp Claim Stay Open in Ohio?

Deep into a long list of online answers to frequently asked questions, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation states, with capitals, “Medical-only AND lost-time claims with dates of injury after August 2006 are statutorily closed five years from the last medical bill or compensation paid.” That accurately summarizes the basics of what the applicable state […]

Should You Settle Your Ohio Workers’ Comp Case?

You can settle your Ohio workers’ compensation claim at any point after you get approved to receive benefits. In fact, you should expect to receive settlement offers from both the workers’ comp program and your employer soon after you learn that application was approved. To decide whether negotiating a workers’ comp settlement makes sense, you […]

How to Handle a Deposition in Your Ohio Workers’ Comp Case

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and your employer can investigate and challenge your claim for medical coverage and replacement wages following a work-related injury or occupational illness. This makes a workers’ comp claim a lot like a personal injury case. One the things that means is that you will probably get called to give […]

Can You Reopen a Closed Workers Comp Case in Ohio?

Possibly. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation makes a procedure called “reactivation” available to people whose work-related injuries or illnesses worsen or produce previously undetected symptoms after their original benefits ended. Not every person is eligible to file for reactivation, however, and getting a workers’ comp case reopened requires clearing some significant hurdles. Know the […]

Can You Get SSDI and SSI mental illness benefits in Ohio

Can You Get Social Security Disability and SSI for Depression in Ohio? The short answer is yes. Severe debilitating depression can qualify you to receive federal disability benefits. The Social Security Administration recognizes “depressive, bipolar and related disorders” as potentially permanently disabling conditions. The agency will not, however, approve any claim for Social Security Disability […]

How to Get Your Social Security Disability Approved Fast in Ohio

The Social Security Administration sets 90 days as the goal for deciding on initial applications for federal long-term disability benefits. Some decisions regarding whether to award or deny Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments get made quicker, but most arrive within 120 days of when a complete application packet is received. Speeding up this timeline […]

Common Workplace Accidents in Ohio and What to Do?

What You Need to Do When You Get Injured in an Accident at Your Ohio Workplace? Injury risks at work include slips and trips, defective equipment, electric shocks, burns, falling objects, toxic exposures, and physical assaults. Depending on their job duties, workers can also face dangers from traffic accidents and animal attacks. No matter how […]

How Does a Workers’ Comp Claim Affect Future Employment in Ohio?

The answer to the question, “How does workers’ comp affect employment in Ohio?” should be, “It doesn’t.” In most cases, this answer holds up, but there are cases when a person who applies for workers’ compensation benefits will need some assistance with seeking permanent disability coverage or keeping a job. How Workers’ Comp Is Supposed […]