What You Can Do to Prevent Errors in Your Workers’ Comp Claim

The workers’ compensation application process is rife with pitfalls. In fact, an injured or ill worker would not be wrong to suspect that many of the obstacles he or she encounters exist specifically to derail applications and provide grounds for denying claims. Partnering with an experienced and caring workers’ compensation attorney in Columbus, Ohio, will […]

What Are the Different Types of Workers Compensation in Ohio?

As the program is designed, workers’ compensation in Ohio covers all types of work-related injuries, occupational illnesses, and deaths on the job. Rules and regulations exist for helping workers who suffer physical injuries, lose limbs and digits, lose sight or hearing, develop cancer, or lose their lives while engaged in work-related activities. Now, applications for […]

What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Ohio?

Families who lose loved ones due to the negligent or reckless acts of someone else have the legal right to file wrongful death insurance claims or civil lawsuits. When a preventable loss of life happens in central Ohio, consulting with an experienced and caring Columbus wrongful death attorney will help grieving family members understand the […]

5 Things You Should Know About Ohio Medical Malpractice

If you suspect a health care provider or medical facility harmed you or a loved one, you should speak with a Columbus. Ohio. medical malpractice attorney to discuss the situation. Medical mistakes and neglect cause tens of thousands of injuries, illnesses, and, too often, deaths across the United States each year. But proving a case […]

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Long-Term Disability?

The question “What medical conditions qualify for long-term disability?” has a general answer and a specific answer depending on which program or plan a person asks to recognize the condition as disabling. Speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable long-term disability attorney in Columbus, Ohio, before applying for benefits will help clarify whether the condition you […]

What to Avoid When Hiring an Attorney in Ohio

Thousands of attorneys practice in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding Franklin County. Making the wrong choice for you, your family, and your case is probably easier than finding the right lawyer who can deliver the best outcome while treating you with respect. The internet runs over with advice on how to choose a “best” lawyer, but […]

I Need Help Understanding My Disability Insurance Contract

If you need help understanding your disability insurance contract, join the club — the club that includes everyone who has ever tried to read a disability insurance contract. Insurance companies do not deserve all the blame for making their contracts difficult to read and interpret. Insurance coverage, exemptions, co-pays, deductible, network restrictions, and the rest […]

Occupational Diseases That May Lead to Workers’ Comp

When your job makes you sick, you may qualify for benefits from Ohio Workers’ Compensation (OWC). The state disability program makes qualifying with an occupational disease difficult, though. Preparing the workers’ comp application with the help of a Ohio silicosis lawyer who has represented many other people who grew too ill to continue working can […]

In Legal Terms, How Are Trucking Accidents Different From Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Crashes that involve commercial trucks or buses present legal challenges that generally do not arise from other kinds of collisions. These difficulties can loom even larger when the tractor-trailer, construction equipment, or bus is owned or operated by a government agency. People who got injured or lost a family member in a crash with a […]

My Short-Term Disability Insurance Ran Out too Soon. What Do I Do?

Short-term disability benefits rarely last more than 12 months. Unfortunately, the illness or injury that forced you out of work for an extended period will not stick to a deadline. You have three basic options when your disability payments run out before you are healthy enough to resume working. An experienced and knowledgeable short-term disability […]

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