What Is the Birth Injury Claims Process in Ohio?

Child birth injury lawsuits in Ohio follow many of the same rules as medical malpractice claims. Special considerations must be taken, however. Similarity Between Birth Injury Claims and Medical Malpractice Claims The biggest similarity between Ohio birth injury claims and medical malpractice claims is that a one-year statute of limitations applies. In both types of […]

How Much Does Workers Comp Pay for Lost Wages in Ohio?

Like most of the questions an injured or ill employee will have about workers’ compensation benefits, asking “What does workers’ comp pay in Ohio?” deserves a simple and a complicated answer. The Simple Answer First, wage loss benefits are calculated as two-thirds of the individual’s wages at the time of the injury or job-related exposure […]

When Should I Start to Receive Ohio Workers’ Compensation Checks?

The Ohio Workers’ Compensation program typically issues the first payment on an approved claim within 14 days. Direct deposits or checks should then follow every two weeks until the person is cleared to return to work. All kinds of special cases exist regarding workers’ compensation payments in Ohio, but this pretty well captures the situation […]

How Large a Settlement Will I Receive for Back and Neck Injuries From a Car Crash in Ohio?

We cannot give a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much any car crash victim can expect to receive in an insurance settlement. Too many factors that are unique to each case determine how much we can request for our Columbus, Ohio, personal injury client. And cases involving neck and back injuries are particularly […]

Essential Questions to Ask Your Ohio Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Your first thought after suffering an injury on the job, receiving a diagnosis of an occupational illness or, even more terribly, learning that your spouse died in a workplace accident is, undoubtedly, “What do I do now?” Ohio, like every other state, provides one immediate answer, which is “apply for workers’ compensation benefits.” But settling […]

What Is the Minimum Amount of Social Security Disability Benefits?

  • March 1, 2019

One of the most pressing questions our Columbus, Ohio, long-term disability clients ask us concerns how much they can expect to receive in Social Security Disability benefits each month. We understand. Being unable to work due to a chronic or fatal health condition often means not being able to afford housing, food, health care and […]

What is the Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations in Ohio?

Section 2125 of the Ohio Revised Code sets a two-year statue of limitations for most wrongful death claims. That can be extended to 10 years for most wrongful death cases involving dangerous or defective products. Knowing when the clock starts on the wrongful death statute of limitations in Ohio is not always easy. Nor is […]

How Long Will Social Security Disability Benefits Last?

Most people who qualify for Social Security disability benefits receive their payments through a program called Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. A smaller group of people who remain in poverty despite receiving SSDI benefits can also qualify to receive Supplement Security Income, which typically gets shortened to SSI. Both SSDI and SSI payments are […]

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

As auto accident attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, we know that securing a fair settlement on a personal injury insurance claim becomes a lot easier when a crash victim takes the following steps after another driver hits him or her. Call 9-1-1 The victim may be too injured to do this, but state law requires each […]

What You Can Do to Avoid Making Errors When Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

A typo or two on your Ohio workers’ compensation application usually won’t result in a denial of temporary disability benefits and replacement wages. What will cost you workers’ comp payments are big, yet avoidable, errors like waiting too long to request benefits or failing to produce key documents. Working with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer […]