If you or a member of your family can never work again, you need long-term disability benefits. And if you live in Northeastern Ohio and need long-term disability benefits, you must seek out advice and representation from a dedicated Cleveland long-term disability attorney. Here are four reasons why that’s true.

You Need to Know Your Options

The good news is that myriad federal, state, and private programs exist to help disabled children and adults in Ohio. An incomplete list includes

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Ohio Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal disability insurance
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
  • State Teachers Retirement System
  • School Employees Retirement System

Figuring out which programs you qualify for can be difficult, and applying to a program that will never deliver benefits for strictly technical reasons can waste time and money you simply do not have. Consulting with a disability lawyer in Cleveland before you request or fill out a single application form can save you much heartache and struggle.

You Need an Expert Navigator

Each government and private disability programs has its owns rules and procedures. Depending on which offers the greatest likelihood of delivering the benefits you require, qualifying will take submitting a unique combination of forms, medical evidence, financial records, and statements from family members, doctors, physical therapists, occupational specialists, and past employers. An experienced Cleveland long-term disability attorney will help you track down, complete, and submit all the necessary paperwork to the right offices and on time.

You Need a Network of Specialists

Your Cleveland disability lawyer can put you in touch with the health care providers and other professionals you need on your team. He or she has spent years, sometimes decades, building an extensive network of physicians, vocational experts, and others who can provide the diagnoses, assessments, and ongoing support that will sustain you through your disability and the benefits application process.

You Need a Fighter in Your corner

Any honest and ethical Cleveland long-term disability attorney will let you know many, if not most, first-time applicants for benefits get denied. Reasons range from missed deadlines to insufficient medical evidence. Appealing a disability benefits rejection is always possible and often worth the effort.

However, appeals must be submitted quickly. Figuring out what new or additional information is required and delivering it to the right program administrators are challenges many disabled people and the caregivers cannot overcome on their own. The appeals process can also extend over months and years, going through multiple levels of bureaucracy and sometimes culminating in a civil lawsuit. Relying on a legal champion who has fought through the many roadblocks before and who will not get discouraged when representing you can make a world of difference.

Let the lawyers in the Cleveland office of Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman know how we can help you secure the long-term disability benefits you need to cover housing and living expenses separate from any health care costs. Schedule a free consultation by calling (800) 678-3318 or filling out this contact form. We maintain staff throughout Ohio, so reach out to us wherever you are.