Segways, hoverboards, Uber/Lyft and now the newest transportation trend: motorized scooters.

Motorized scooters have overtaken the streets of Columbus, Ohio thanks to a company by the name of “Bird.”

Bird allows riders to unlock a motorized scooter for $1 and ride them for 5 cents per minute. As long as you upload your driver’s license that proves you are eighteen or older you will be able to take one of these “personal assistive mobility devices” for a ride around the city.

These dock-free motorized scooters are supposed to be parked at bike racks where possible. Bird does not intend for these devices to be a replacement for standard means of transportation, but rather a cost-efficient substitute. They are ideal for single riders traveling short distances and available for usage from 7 A.M. – sunset.

The Bird scooter safety instructions state that it must be ridden on the streets and in marked bike lanes. However, there have been several instances where operators choose to ride on the sidewalks. The problem is these scooters only go 15 miles per hour. Therefore, they are too slow to be ridden on the street and are too fast to safely travel on the sidewalk.

The lack of regulatory provisions makes it unclear as to where the scooters are permitted for use. Bird does not release any ridership information so it is difficult to determine reliable crash statistics. Also, Bird does not release crash statistics reports for months at a time. The company does not assume any insurance liability based upon the fact that the rider signs a waiver which claims makes them responsible for any potential damages or collisions.

So far, Bexley and Metro Parks Green Ways (Tim Moloney) have outlawed the use of bird scooters in Columbus, Ohio due to potential lawsuits that may arise.

“Ohio and Bexley law prohibits the use of motorized scooters on the roadway or sidewalk (Ohio Revised Code 4501, 4511.214 and Bexley Codified Ordinance 474.12).” (NBC4i)

The lack of clarity regarding the development of standard regulations for these motorized devices have created quite the dilemma in Columbus, Ohio. No legislation has been adopted yet by the Columbus City Council Administration.

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