Navigating the roads, as a pedestrian, can place you in risky situations.

If the unfortunate were to occur and you were struck by a vehicle, here are some important things you need to know. It is the obligation of both the driver and pedestrian to travel with caution.

When traveling on the roadways, it is very important to maintain awareness of your surroundings. Sometimes, pedestrians put themselves in harm’s way by rollerblading, skateboarding or riding a bicycle. Other times, drivers put pedestrians at risk with distractions, speeding or reckless behavior.

Depending on the situation, the pedestrian or the driver could be at fault for an accident. The best practice is to apply undivided attention while crossing the street. With complete awareness on behalf of everyone involved, a pedestrian accident can easily be avoided. The best bet for a driver would be to default to giving a pedestrian the right-of-way.

If a pedestrian accident does occur, it’s important to steer clear of potential oncoming traffic, if at all possible. Also, you must file a police report to determine who is at fault. If you are a victim, contact our pedestrian accident lawyers in Columbus, Ohio at Agee Mitchell Clymer and Portman.

All pedestrian accidents deal with the law of negligence. Whichever individual is deemed to behave with negligent behavior is the one who bears the burden of the incident. The blame typically falls on the driver if they fail to obey traffic guidelines.

Drivers have an increased responsibility to ensure pedestrians are safe on the road. They are expected to be aware and avoid all hazards while driving. This means that most accidents involving a pedestrian-vehicle crash are the fault of the automobile driver.

In accidents that involve children, there is an additional responsibility for drivers. Vehicle operators can be held liable in an accident involving a child even if they follow normal driving procedures. Around children pedestrians, drivers are expected to exercise extra caution and attentiveness.

Pedestrian accident decisions are determined by injury severity, the nature and extent of medical treatment, impact of injury, prospect for full recovery and lost wages due to injuries.

If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident, it is important to first exchange information at the scene. If necessary, seek medical help. Insurance adjusters normally assume that if you do not seek immediate medical care that you were not seriously hurt. Regarding legal matters, reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

The statute of limitations for an action involving bodily injury is two years. Make sure to act urgently, so that the wheels of justice can be set into motion as quickly as possible. Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman are the pedestrian accident lawyers in Columbus, Ohio that will fight for your rights, whether you are at fault in the accident or merely an innocent victim.

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