The Social Security Administration sets 90 days as the goal for deciding on initial applications for federal long-term disability benefits. Some decisions regarding whether to award or deny Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments get made quicker, but most arrive within 120 days of when a complete application packet is received.

Speeding up this timeline is difficult. Still, steps can be taken to ensure that a person who has become unable to work does not wait for what will feel like forever to receive a decision on their Ohio Social Security disability case.

Do Not Wait to Apply

The single most important thing to do is submit all the requested forms, health records and financial information without delay. The SSDI program will not start reviewing an application until the person requesting benefits affirms that their packet is compete. The quicker that each form and record is compiled and submitted, the quicker an applicant will know whether benefits have been approved.

Applicants should be cautious, however, to resist the urge to send in an application just because they think is good enough or because tracking down certain records will take some effort. Insufficient documentation of a disability is the number-one reason the SSDI program denies claims. Partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable Ohio Social Security disability attorney from the beginning of the application process will help ensure that as much evidence as possible to support a claim for benefits is submitted.

File an Appeal Quickly

An initial denial of SSDI benefits should not be taken as a final answer. In fact, denials are routine enough that applicants should be prepared to file at least one appeal. The Social Security program offers multiple rounds of appeals. Should those fail, an SSDI applicant can take the program to court.

Appeals can stretch over six months or longer. At each step, responding quickly to requests for additional information is essential. An Ohio Social Security disability attorney can offer essential advice and representation throughout the appeals process, especially during hearings.

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